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What is Aura Reading?

There are various unseen energies surrounding you. With the help of Aura testing, also known as aura photography, subtle energy fields that surround individuals can be revealed. This is done with the help of specialized equipment. At our spiritual clinic, we capture high-resolution images of your aura, showing colorful patterns that reflect how you feel inside.

What Aura Testing Can Reveal?

Emotional Wellbeing

See the colors of your emotions and find clarity in your feelings.


Personality Traits

Your aura can also paint a picture of your individuality and character.


Energy Imbalances

Identify areas of imbalance and blockages in your energy field.


Physical Health

Get to know how your energy field is reflecting your physical wellness.


Spiritual Development

SWe help you explore the depths of your spiritual journey and growth.



See how your aura interacts with others and influences your relationships

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Our Aura Testing is for All

We help you find the vibrant energies of both you and your pets

Aura Testing for YOU

Looking to know what’s going on inside you. With our aura testing service for humans, we help you see the colors and patterns that reveal your emotions, health, and spiritual path – aiding in self-discovery.

Aura Testing for YOUR Pets

Whether you want to better understand your pet’s behavior, looking to find any potential health issues or are keen to strengthen your bond with them, our aura testing can offer clues about your pet.


Why Choose Us for Aura Testing

Our spiritual clinics aren’t about doing any test; it’s about testing your aura and helping you explore your inner world. And did we mention it? We’re India’s leading aura testing service provider. So, when you choose us, you are not just choosing excellence but choosing a partner who is taking you on the journey of self-discovery. What’s more? You can count on our:


Experienced Professionals

We are a team of friendly faces, each with a wealth of experience in aura testing and interpretation.


Top-Notch Technology

The latest aura imaging technology is being used by our experts to capture the essence of your aura.


Personalized Insights

We help you uncover layers of self-discovery and well-being in a way that feels like discovering a long-lost part of yourself.

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Through our Aura Testing Machine, the team at our spiritual clinic identifies the root cause of issues you might be facing, analyzes chakras, and improves your well-being scientifically.

The accuracy of aura readings can vary depending on factors such as the skill and experience of the practitioner, as well as the individual's openness to the process. Ultimately, the interpretation of aura readings should be approached with an open mind and used as a tool for self-reflection and personal growth.

Aura testing identifies the balance between positive and negative energy levels by analyzing the colors and patterns in one's aura.

Yes, aura testing is an effective way for identifying areas of energy imbalance within the body. By analyzing the colors and patterns in your aura, our practitioners can pinpoint areas where energy flow may be blocked or disrupted.