Gem Selections introduces a new exclusive package:

The Ongoing situation and this epidemic of Covid 19 has affected many lives and has made the condition extremely vulnerable for many of the dearest people across the country. Astrology seems like a ray of hope for the people to fight against this pandemic.

Due to covid many of us are facing problems regarding family and profession, due to which alot of us are undergoing stress and anxiety as a result of which we all end up going to an astrologer to seek their help and advice .On an average an astrologer would atleast take Rs. 500 for a session of 30 minutes to 1 hour .Even due to lockdown its nearly not possible for each of us to visit the best astrologer to seek consultation. Even many in personal don’t want to step out of their house for their own safety. But where there is Gem Selections , there is always a hope for their customers.


What’s in this package?

Khanna Gems: Gem Selections have always remain ahead to deliver the best of them to each of their customers from comfort of their home. Gems Selections have launched a new scheme for all of us.You will just need to invest your Rs. 499 and you will get 50 minutes for total three months. Yes,you have read it right.With just minimal amount of Rs. 499 you can get such great benefits. In the duration of these three months if you ever felt like you have any problem or you want to ask any question then you can call our astrologers and ask your query .They have a team of 21 astrologers who all are certified and trained under Mr. Pankaj Khanna. Isn’t it incredible?

Gem Selections have always succeeded to achieve buyer’s trust through their excellent service facility and good range of products. They have always tried to launch such schemes which can provide best service to their customer in affordable range. Gem Selections is the only top leading brand in India to provide govt. lab certified gemstones and diamonds.This new scheme will help many of the people around the country to seek advice from India’s best astrologers with the safety of their home.

In short, this scheme is just to ensure that they are only a call apart. Consult any one of their best astrologers and enjoy this great opportunity. So what are you waiting for ? Just hurry up! Buy your own exclusive package right now by clicking below.




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