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ADY 05

Chandra Daan Yantra

Chandra Daan Yantra
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Chandra Dan Yantra, code: ADY 05. This is the highest of all Dan’s. If we find someone to be fortunate in this birth it is said that he must have donated pearls in triveni (the point where the Ganga, Yamuna and mythological Saraswati joined) in his last birth. For this pearls are set in silver in the form of a triangle and put in a silver bowl full of rice on a Monday after sunset. Then on next Monday before 12 noon 1.25 kg rice, white til, pearl Yantra and bowl are tied in 1.25mt cloth and donated to flowing water with respect. This Panch Mahadan gives the results of a long penance done to get favours from the Gods. There is an ancient Hindu tradition that donations are given in Holy running water to ward off the evil effects of malefic planets. the ancient puranas like Agnipurana and Matsya purana deal with the donations of Rattan Jadhit Yantra (Gem studded yantra) to ward of evil and propitiate good in life. If regularly done especially near's birthday and then repeated quarterly this brings excellent results. These donations have to be made in such manner that you donate five articles at a time. This is known as PANCH MAHADAN. (The Gems used for making these Yantras are not of very high quality but original.) These Yantras have been empowered with special Vedic mantras and Yogic Pran Pratishta by Sh. Pankaj Khanna himself. Yantra is the Sanskrit word which means an instrument or a machine. In Tantric texts and Bhramanical Texts it means Visual Mantras or in easy words mantras made in geometrical figures and colours to influence the environment, cosmic forces, spirits around us, the evil eye of our enemies and our own aura and mental makeup. In Hindu and Buddhist mysticism this kind of geometric forms known as Yantra in Hindus and Thangka Paintings or simply Thangka in Buddhist areas is widely seen in Temples, monasteries, Homes and Viharas.