I-olite, iolite stone
I-olite, iolite stone

Iolite Stone or Neeli, An Alternative of Blue Sapphire

What is Iolite Stone or Neeli?

Iolite Stone is best alternative to the Blue Sapphire or Neelam. Iolite Stone, a semi precious gemstone also known as Kaka Neeli. This violet blue powerful and interesting gemstone is also known as Shani priya gemstone. Kaka Neeli is the gem variety belongs to mineral family Cordierite and governed by planet Saturn.

When we talk about the four C’s of Iolite Stone, the first thing is its pure fine color of Violet Blue and its natural Pleochroism phenomenon –reflection of light in different colors when view from different angles. Iolite Stone has been cut in such a manner to retain its original color and enhances its natural phenomenon of reflecting different lights. To identify a natural Iolite stone observe grains and Silica crystal as inclusions in it. Neeli above 5.25 ratti is very expensive.

Kaka Neeli can be procured from India, Sri Lanka, Mozambique and Brazil. The major sources of Kaka neeli are Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar and Burma. We will procure high grade of this gem variety from these countries.

Benefits of Kaka Neeli

Iolite Stone or Neeli directly affects the crown Chakra thus results in attaining higher consciousness. Kaka Neeli is recommended for people with bad memory. It is an amazing gemstone which enhances self- vision and constructive ideas. Iolite Stone helps in nurturing relationships and healing body ailments like digestive system, nervous system and skin. It is good for people with less sleep or insomnia. It boosts body immunity and gives protection from diseases. It balances Yin –Yang (male-female) energies. It brings independence from negative thoughts, brings stability and resolve issues. The Iolite stone is depicts positive energy with full of life. It is bright, beautiful and lustrous.

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