Neelam Stone Information

  1. In layman's language Neelam Stone is a hard blue stone. This makes an excellent Ring stone and is often worn as a Jewel in Gold as a mark of success or status in life.
  2. Its looks depends on its mines. Mostly the Neelam Stone seen in India comes from Sri Lanka or from Thailand (Known as Bangkok Neelam). The one from Sri Lanka is transparent with light blue to dark blue shining colour. Good Gemstones from this mine have eye pleasing looks,blue colour and sparkle.
  3. Neelam Stones from Bangkok are dark blue in colour. They have a greenish titch in them and good stones have peacock feather like greenish blue colour in them. These Gemstones are available from opaque to transparent qualities.
  4. Neelam Stone is the birthstone of two Zodiac signs controlled by Jupiter (Brihspat) namely Sagittarius and Pisces. If this Gemstone is worn by those born under these zodiac signs - then they are able to get all that is detailed above as the karka for Jupiter.
  5. The Neelam gem should not be worn if Saturn is debilitated in the birth chart. Neelam can be worn during an eclipse.
  6. Neelam stone helps those person who is suffering from disease like bone cancer, Kidney problem and nerve disease like that if the person wear neelam stone advised by the Astrologer then the neelam stone escape the person from that disease.
  7. The Neelam should not have been used by any person before.
  8. The Neelam should have a strong Aura and should have been kept in a pious environment.
  9. The person handling the Neelam is a person of strong integrity and trustworthy.
  10. If you want to know more about neelam stone then click this link Neelam stone
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