Points to be considered before buying a Diamond Stone

  1. To Buy Diamond Stone one has to first of all understand that any Gemstone will have a vast range of qualities available. A Gem of lower variety will have greater inclusions in it and a Gem of higher variety will have lower inclusions in it. As we rise in the ladder we will find that the LUSTURE will also keep on increasing and the Gemstone will look more pleasing to the Eye.
  2. These days Treated heera is also available. These Gems have colour artificially infused in it. One can find these gemstones at a lower price. Mostly the customer is duped in the process as he is just buying on faith
  3. So, you must understand what you want and fix a budget. Then visit a Gem Store that has a policy of full disclosure – understand and see the Gemstones for yourself. Then Buy Heera that you will be proud of
  4. One thing more that you should always remember is that your OM! DRAAM DREEM DROOM SAH SHUKRAI NAMAH should be certified by a Govt. Lab and not by any self professed testing centre.
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