Every Gemstones, Rudraksha and Yantra is energized with Vedic Puja and Abhimantran before it is showcased for sale and subsequent use by our customers.The process of Puja involves prayers to the ruling God and Abhimantran is the chanting of the beeja mantra 100008 times on the recommended Mala so that the Gemstones becomes a Spiritual Armor to with stand negatives in the environment and give you positive cosmic rays of the planet concerned.

As per the Vedic astrology, Gemstones are prescribed for keeping in the Puja of various planets. The Puja of astrological gemstones is a powerful vedic remedy to energize your gemstone if it done properly with good quality of Puja Items. The effectiveness and purity of Gemstones can be enhanced by clearing and praying them.

The Puja of Gemstone means praying the associated deity of the gemstone. It involves following rituals as we do for any god/goddess:

  1. Chanting of the deity
  2. Giving aasan to gemstone
  3. Washing the astrological gemstone with holy water
  4. Aachaman or purifying self before conducting the Puja
  5. Bathing the gemstone with water, milk, curds, ghee (clarified butter), honey and sugar (panchamrita)and distributed as prasadam.
  6. The deity is offered a cleansing bath with Turmeric and flowers mixed in water.
  7. Decorate the deity with suitable clothing
  8. Put on the sacred thread
  9. Apply sandalwood paste
  10. Dressing up the deity as a regal entity with flowers and ornaments
  11. Offering flowers to the deity
  12. Offering incense sticks
  13. Offering ghee lamp to the deity
  14. Naivedyam or offering food
  15. Offering paan leaves and Supari>
  16. Complete the prayer with the final aarti

At Khanna Gems, everything is done in a systematic manner from procuring of original gem to Government Lab Certification to offering Abhimantrit gemstones before selling out. Abhimantran is the chanting of the beeja mantra on the recommended Mala so that the Gemstones cover with a holy shield. The proper Puja rituals are performed by Mr. Pankaj Khanna and his team.

Once the gemstone is ready, then the customer is given detailed guidance by Pankaj Khanna or Khanna Gems team about how, when, time and day and where to wear gemstone. Customer is also provided a hardcopy of the detailed procedure of wearing the gemstone.

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