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6.63 Ratti Natural White sapphire with Govt Lab Certificate-(1100)


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Allow our team of expert gemologists select a Natural Super Premium Pukhraj Natural gemstone of Super Premium Quality from our offline inventory of gemstones. The selected gemstone shall be of relatively the same quality as those shown in the sample photographs, with weight within -0.2ct to +0.5ct range from your selection. You can alternatively decide to browse through our collection of catalogued gemstones with photos and videos to select a gemstone of your own choice by going to the Pukhraj Natural category page
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Tinted White

Weight (Carat)


Weight (Ratti)


Shape & Cut

Oval / Mixed


10.25 x 9.02 x 6.71 mm.

Other Test

IR Spectra Analysis


No Inductions of heating are observed..

Things to know about White Sapphire

White Sapphire which is also known as SafedPukhraj which bless the person wearing it luxurious and comfortable life. It is a natural gemstone of shining color which looks similar like a diamond. It is the gemstone of the planet Venus beneficial for the betterment of health, it also do great for the finances where it brings luck to its wearer. The planet Venus is known to be the embodiment of great luck, amazing health, and peace of mind.

More about White Sapphire

The White Sapphire is meant to bless its wearer with the marital bliss, it prove to be beneficial for the individuals those are working in the travel and tourism, either in the field of beauty, artistic venture, hospitality, and import and export.

Before wearing any gemstone it is very much important to take into consideration two things concretely, the first one is you should seek the advice of a trusted astrologer as in the context of planets and gemstones they know much better than anyone else. Wearing a gemstone without the recommendation of the astrologer might create an ugly affect as the energy of the planet coming to us directly is not supposed to take lightly due to their high power which can cause fatal harms.

The second thing which you should take into account before wearing the White Sapphire is that you should wear only an unblemished gemstone as a damages thing cannot do the good it is supposed to. Be careful also from the fraudsters who claiming to sell the genuine gemstone.