Shradh Puja 2021- Why is it celebrated?

A propitious event one should take part in to wash away the sins by paying tribute to their ancestors.

Pitru Paksha is considered by Hindus to be a propitious event. It is a 16–lunar day period according to the Hindu calendar when Hindus pay tribute to their ancestors, especially through sacred food offerings. The period is also known as Pitri Paksha/Pitr-Paksha, Pitri Pokkho, Sorah Shraddha, Kanagat, Jitiya, Mahalaya Paksha and Apara Paksha. It falls in the 2nd paksha (fortnight) Hindu lunar month of Bhadrapada and follows the fortnight immediately after Ganesh Utsav. It begins on the Pratipada (first day of the fortnight) ending with the no moon day known as Pitri Amavasya. This year from 20th September to 6th October you will be able to participate in Pitru Paksha Puja.

What is Pitru Paksha?

An in-depth definition and facts about the significance of this sacred event.

The ancient Indian text Rig Veda has the earliest written reference to Pitru Paksha. We respect and thank those who came before us and bequeathed us their wisdom, protection, love, and financial prosperity as we celebrate in the scriptures as a powerful event. In practise, people pay tribute to their own ancestors as in parents, grandparents and great grandparents and also to departed spouses, children, siblings, aunts and uncles, and in-laws on Pitru Paksha as well. They also pay tribute to friends, neighbours, professors, mentors, and even cherished pets who have passed away from this life.

Those who are still living have an obligation to provide their prayers and the benefits of their spiritual activities to those who have passed on. By honouring the dead in this way, we support them on their journey and continue to bless them.Observing Pitru Paksha allows us to connect with the powers of nature.Those who exist in this world and who have left it all are part of the one vital power of consciousness underlying the creation. So, prayers and good will given and received offer us prosperity in our lives and in this globe. The Garuda Purana, states that people will gain all of the following benefits by worshipping their ancestors: long life, excellent health, strength, happiness, prosperity, plentiful food, and a path to heaven.



Why should we observe Pitru Paksha Puja ? What is the astrological significance?

Facts that you should be aware of before taking part in this event.

When a person's forebears / ancestors do not obtain peace due to a lack of religious ceremonies at the time of their death, a "Dosh" develops into their Horoscope, which is referred to as "Pitra Dosh." This is a very critical flaw in one's horoscope and should be corrected immediately by performing a puja called "Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja."

Pitra Dosh manifests in a person's horoscope as a result of his forebears' previous negative karmas. In simple terms, he must pay for those activities by enduring the consequences of those karmic deeds. This will continue until the karmic obligations are paid off, either via pain or through the good deeds performed by the individual with the pitra dosha. Just as a child inherits his forebears' riches and obligations in this worldly world, the consequences of past karmas are likewise passed on to the descendants. To completely eliminate pitra dosha, you should perform Shradh/Pitru Paksha Puja during the Shradh days.

Jupiter's malefic effects can ruin one's life if it is in a debilitating sign and paired with a malefic. The ancestors' sins are tied to the Pitra Dosh established by Jupiter in the horoscope. To get rid of issues caused by Pitra Dosha, a person must appease the deity of the relevant planet. Otherwise, Pitra Dosha's effects will be seen in future generations' birth charts. Further, those in the main and sub-periods of Jupiter (Brihaspati Mahadasha and Antardasha) should perform Shradh puja to alleviate pain and debt.

The following are some of the most significant concerns that have arisen as a result of Pitra Dosh:

1. Difficulties in conceiving children2. Recurrent miscarriages 3. Children at home are unwell on a regular basis.4. Repeated or recurring problems at home or in the workplace that are of unknown origin, resulting in extreme dissatisfaction. 5. A lack of peace and harmony in the home and business premises, which causes negative vibrations to be felt whenever one is in them6. Despite his or her best efforts, a person's overall progress appears to have been stunted or halted altogether.



How can you eliminate Pitra Dosh from your life and participate in Pitru Paksha Puja in 2021?

Yes, you can take part in this event amid the global pandemicsafely from the comfort of your homes.

Gem Selection continues to assist its customers to enjoy the success and happiness that comes with its solutions. This year, Gem Selection is back for people to participate in Pitru Paksha Puja at Haridwar which they will be able to attend from their homes in the comfort and safety of their own living rooms. From September 20th to October 6th, this puja will also include the following options:


1. Individual Shradh including Tarpan and Dakshina, performed by 2 pandits 2. Individual Shradh including Tarpan, dry food and Vastra Daan, performed by 2 pandits 3. Group Shradh on Sarva Pitru Amavasya 4. Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja

Type of Puja Price
Individual Shradh (incl. Tarpan & Dakshina) Rs 2100+GST
Individual Shradh (incl. Tarpan, Dry Food & Vastra Daan) 3100+GST
Group Shradh Rs 750+GST
Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja Rs 7100+GST

Significance and Benefits of Pitru Paksha Puja and why you should participate in it in 2021?

Due to the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, every one of us has lost someone close and dear to us. Because of the quarantine concerns, many families have struggled to have the funerals of their loved ones and friends, leaving many without meaningful goodbyes. This puja is incredibly significant to all of us right now, as it allows us to honour and aid those who have departed, so that they may rest in peace and begin their journey to the next life. The puja will provide you with the following benefits:

● Salvation or Atma Shanti of departed ancestors and family members.
● It helps enhance one’s well-being.
● It is especially helpful in nullifying the effects of Pitr dosh.
● To promote financial prosperity and stability.
● To obtain power/immovable property.
● To accelerate/smooth functioning of business.
● To minimize the malefic effect of afflicted Jupiter.
● To obtain Siddhi or enlightenment.
● To be rid of the negative aspects of one's horoscope.
● For overall materialistic and spiritual development.
● For excellent results and higher education of students.





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