Certified Gemstones

At Khanna Gems Private Limited It is our endeavor to give our customers not just “Certified Gemstones” but Gemstones that are certified from an Authentic and Reputed Lab preferably . As far as possible we get our Gems tested by IGI-GTL(Indian Gemological Institute - Gem Testing Laboratory) which is an Indian Government Certified Laboratory, a body of Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council.

Gemstones are categorized into two main categories on the basis of their rarity, hardness, durability and physical appearances, one is precious and the other is semiprecious. The names precious and semiprecious have got nothing to do with the cost, there are many gemstones that are semiprecious but are of the same economic value. Certified gemstones ie tested gemstones are of more value than the non certified gemstones, since certification is a guarantee of all the standard characteristics of the stones. The four main gemstones that lie in the category of precious gemstones are Ruby, Diamond, Sapphire and Emeralds. Let it be precious or semiprecious, booth the gemstones are created from mineral dust, the minerals are extracted and are then processed upon, cut and polished to form gemstones. The gemstones in the market are government lab certified, the certification is provided on the basis of authenticity of the gemstones.

Certified gemstones in Delhi

Delhi is the home to people of diverse culture, traditions and backgrounds. Being the capital, one can find people of all religions who believe in their culture and follow the teachings of their ancestors. Astrological science is prevalent from the old ages and people often look for.

Certified gemstones in Delhi

Gems Selections- A Unit of Khannagems Pvt. Ltd. Is one of the most frequently heard name when one is finding  certified gemstones in Delhi.

Certified gemstones seller in Delhi

When it comes to find certified gemstone seller in Delhi, there are many known faces in the industry. One of the most heard name is Shri Pankaj Khanna, Pankaj Khanna has been serving in the gem and diamond industry for a very long period of time, known for his genuinity and humble nature of educating his clients and shop visitors about the gemstones, Shri Pankaj Khanna is also member of many organizations that work for monitoring the quality and flow of gemstones. His brand gem selections is an organization that is a certified gemstone seller in Delhi.

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