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Many thanks for getting the lovely Ruby string for me. I hope i didn't cause any confusion, giving so many instructions over the telephone. I would like to take the Ruby string complete which has 78 nuclear beads in it, but with a clasp. When the rubies are re strung i want the string to fall one inch higher than it does in it's present form with a dori. You will need a very strong thread and clasp as the rubies are heavy. Many more thanks to you again, sorry for giving you so much trouble.

Teji Arjan Singh

(Wife Of Marshal of Air Force Arjan Singh)

I have been interacting with Mr Pankaj Khanna over the past 10 years or so. I have found the interactions to be very interesting and thought provoking. Mr Khanna possesses an engaging style and is very forthright & candid in providing his views on subject matters discussed. What i find impressive about him is that he is receptive to being asked difficult as also specific questions and having fully conviction about his capabilities, he is prepared to answer such questions in an unambiguous & unequivocal manner and commit himself, recognising that by providing such a granular level of specificity, he runs the risk of being proven wrong at a later date. He is sincere in work and a modest and humble person!

Tarun Balram

For the last 15 years i have been purchasing gems and auspicious Malas from your " Gem Selections " unit without any complaints, whatsoever. Your materials are found genuine and at a reasonable price. Invariable, in today's Indian society, starved of quality and reasonability, your products bear eloquent testimony to your honesty and integrity even in business, besides being an accurate astrologer. you certainly deserve all accolades.

NSB Singh

NSB Singh Nuclear Scientist Dept of Atomic Energy & Writer/Editor

From last three months i was trying to purchase one Yellow Sapphire "Pukhraj" and one Emrald "Panna" and i have gone through lots of gem selections stores and even online shopping, but i was not convinced due to all market reviews because I wanted to get it for astrological benefits, so for me the authenticity is primary requirements to purchase these stone than money. Finally i purchased from Govt. Lab Certified Gemstones "The Gem Selection"(A Unit of Khannagems Pvt. Ltd ) They have each & every articles according to the certified number from one of the reputed laboratory in India ie "IGl-GTL" So, if anyone required authenticity for purchase Gem Stone. I personally recommend them with my experience to purchase the Gem Stone from "Gem Selections". They are really trusted and transaprent with the selling process.


Director SOL Software Private Limited