Panna Stone

Panna Stone

The heavenly Green Coloured Gemstone which is known as Panna Rattan in Hindi, Markat Mani in Sanskrit and Emerald Stone in English has been mentioned in Rig Veda as the sacred Gemstone for empowering Planet Budh. It comes under the overall Lordship of Lord Shiva with Ganeshji as the ruling Lord.

Western legend states that Emerald was one of the four Precious Gems given by God to King Soloman. The four Gemstones were said to have endowed the King powers over all creatures.

In recorded History, Emerald mines were known in 330 BC in Egypt. In India Emeralds were available in 10000 BC the time when Rig Ved was written. Though we do not know were they were mined and how they were cut and polished. Some manuscripts describe these Gemstones in Cabochon Shape.

Grazing Panna Stone gives logical thinking and creativity. It is said to bring money to the wearer and improve the overall wealth of family.

Widely used by Indian Astrologers to increase the flow of cosmic rays of planet Budh into the body of the wearer.