Panna Stone

Panna Stone
The heavenly Green Coloured Gemstone which is known as Panna Rattan in Hindi, Market Mani in Sanskrit and Emerald Stone in English has been mentioned in Rig Veda as the sacred Gemstone for empowering Planet Budh. It comes under the overall Lordship of Lord Shiva with Ganeshji as the ruling Lord.

Western legend states that Emerald was one of the four Precious Gems given by God to King Soloman. The four Gemstones were said to have endowed the King powers over all creatures.

In recorded History, Emerald mines were known in 330 BC in Egypt. In India, Emeralds were available in 10000 BC the time when Rig Ved was written. Though we do not know where they were mined and how they were cut and polished. Some manuscripts describe these Gemstones in Cabochon Shape.

Grazing Panna Stone gives logical thinking and creativity. It is said to bring money to the wearer and improve the overall wealth of family.

Widely used by Indian Astrologers to increase the flow of cosmic rays of planet Budh into the body of the wearer.

In Delhi, you will get low priced Panna stone sold as Zambian Panna or other which could be fake and dyed. If you want to Buy Panna Stone in Delhi which is natural and not dyed or treated, you must visit Khanna Gems, Shop in New Delhi. At Khanna Gems, we have a wide range of Panna stones from Rs. 450/ Rt to Rs. 51000/ Rt. You can see the inventory of Khanna Gems to understand Natural Panna Stone and then decide from where to Buy Panna Stone in Delhi.

Natural Panna Stone

Panna stone is a green colored gemstone of the mineral beryl (Be3Al2(SiO3)6) with trace amounts of chromium and vanadium. According to Mohs scale, this stone has a hardness of 7.5-8. To Buy Panna Stone in Delhi, you must be aware that natural Panna must have some inclusions in it. Fake dealers might sell you the transparent Panna and declare its purity in terms of clarity.

Astrological Benefits of Panna Stone

Panna Stone governs the planet mercury. Representing the characteristics of green color, wearer gets name, fame and prosperity after wearing Panna Stone. Panna Stone embedded in the silver ring for best results; should be worn in the little finger of right hand in which the stone should touch the skin of your finger. Because of its amazing miraculous properties, it is worn by celebrities to get name, fame and success.

Panna Stone at Khanna Gems

To get its utmost benefits, you must Buy Panna Stone in Delhi from a genuine and certified gemologist. Buy Panna Stone in Delhi from Khanna Gems where you get a Govt. Lab Certificate, bill, and Guarantee of purity and originality along with genuine advice from Mr. Pankaj Khanna, a renowned gemologist and astrologer.

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Who should wear panna stone?

Vedic astrologers suggest wearing the green coloured Gemstone panna to come out of the negative powers caused by a weaker Mercury. If the person’s horoscope defines such a weaker Mercury position, he/she needs to wear a Panna.

As per Vedic astrology, astrologers suggest Panna for Mithun and Kanya Rashi. In Western astrology, panna gem stone is a recommended birthstone for Cancer. Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius also can wear Panna gemstone to bring prosperity to life.

How will you wear a Panna stone?

If your astrologer suggests a Panna, you should Buy Panna Stone from a Govt. certified agency.

Carat weight: The weight of an emerald should be 1/12th of the wearer’s body weight. A person weighing 60 kgs, should buy a 5-carat weight Panna gemstone.

Colour: to achieve the best astrological results, intense green Panna is always recommended. Usually, naturally mined and untreated emeralds in different shades of green can give you the same result.

Metal: Gold is primarily recommended to wear a Panna. In some exceptional cases, white gold, silver, platinum and panchadhatu can be used as well.

Finger: Buy panna Stone online to wear it on your little finger of the working hand. Sometimes, it can be worn on the ring finger as well.

Time and date to worn: On any Wednesday, anytime after sunrise is considered to be the best time to wear an emerald.

Mantra: If you wish, chant “Om Budhaye Namha” Vedic mantra 108 times.

Buy panna Stone online from - select one from the wide varieties of emeralds. Each of them is natural, untreated and comes with a genuine Govt lab certification.

Columbian, Zambian, African, Italian – several other origins are also available. Depending on the quality, the price varies accordingly. Buy yours according to the astrologer’s suggestion.

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