I-olite, iolite stone


Neeli Stone is said to heal the emotions and calm down the mind of the wearer. It is believed to enhance visions, concentration and inner wisdom. It makes the present life of the wearer healthy and fruitful.

Neeli is the alternative for Neelam, Blue Sapphire. It's a semi-precious stone but the availability of good quality Neeli Stone is rare. Neeli is the gem from mineral family Cordierite and it is gemstone for planet Saturn. Also known as Shani priya gemstone, this blue stone is a powerful gemstone. This stone improvised the weak crown chakra of wearer and enhance their creativity, thoughts and vision.

The good quality of Neeli Stone is bright, beautiful and lustrous gemstone that can procure from India, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Madagascar, Burma and Brazil.

The concept of four C's of Neeli orients you towards its pure fine Violet Blue color and shows its natural phenomenon called Pleochroism. Pleochroism means when view from different angles through a gemstone, the white light reflects in different colors. Neeli has been cut in such a manner to exhibit this natural phenomenon. A natural Neeli stone must have some inclusions like grains and Silica crystal. These inclusions affect the natural colour of Neeli. The cost of Neeli increases with the increases in its ratti.

Neeli for Your Better Life

It helps in attaining higher consciousness in the wearer. It nurtures the relationships with friends, family and the society. The health benefits of these astrological gemstones cover digestive system, throat, skin and nervous system. People with sleeping disorders are advisable to wear Neeli Stone. It boosts immunity against many diseases. It rejuvenates energies, brings positive thoughts, stability and resolve issues. The Neeli brings positive energy with full of life in wearer’s life.

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