Why is Mahashivratri Puja celebrated?

This puja brings the devotees of Shiva to the temples and observes the fasting with all the Puja activities. It shows how Mahashivratri is celebrated and religiously known by most Indians for their sacred performance on the Holy day.

Following the Puja during Mahashivratri is the most religious act collected from the various religious texts about its significance. As per the Puja Vidhi, a ritual called Rudra Abhishek will be performed with different materials and multiple items given to Lord Shiva like flowers and fruits like ghee. The chanting of Mantra during Puja duration with Om Namah Shivay will be done accordingly.

The ritual of Rudra Abhishek will be performed spiritually during the evening of Shivratri as it is an important activity that is highly sacred and religiously devoted to Lord Shiva. The sacred act of Rudra Abhishek will be performed on the banks of the river Ganga located at Haridwar.

Every individual will perform the entire act with the help of the learned and reputed Pandit. In the form of Prasad, every devotee will receive a 7 Mukhi Rudraksha, and abhimantrit moli thread after the puja procedure is complete.

What is the Significance of Mahashivratri Puja?

Shivaratri is celebrated as the day when Lord Shiva saved the world from the pot of poison that emerged from the ocean during Samudra Manthan. It is also believed that Shivratri was the day when Brahma and Vishnu got into a major tiff about their supremacy over each other. As a result, Lord Shiva punished them by taking the form of a massive fire disseminated across the universe's length.

The day of Maha Shivaratri is also celebrated when Lord Shiva married Parvati. This festival is the convergence of Shiva and Shakti, and it is believed that Chaturdashi Tithi Lord Shiva married Goddess Parvati on this day. This is an extremely important and auspicious day for all Hindus.

On this day, it is believed that if the person worships Lord shiva and attains salvation by fasting and chanting mantras, one can easily reap the benefits of this effective prayer.

It is our annual festival that is dedicated to the Hindu Lord Shiva. Unlike most Hindu festivals, which are usually celebrated during the daytime, the festival Mahashivratri is celebrated at night. There is a noticeable event of fasting, meditation, self-studying, and social harmony at Shiva temples.

In Shiva temples, there is chanting of Om Namah Shivay throughout the day, and the traditional recitation of Shiv Chalisa is performed. It is celebrated over three or 10 days, depending on the Hindu lunisolar calendar.


Benefits of Mahashivratri Puja?

The easiest God to please, Lord Shiva, is known to provide great powers and ability to the person with his blessings that pose immense power and support. The devotees, along with fasting and start worshiping Lord Shiva.

The remembrance and chanting of mantras can happen at temples and at their home, and it is believed that on this day, Lord Shiva is easily pleased, and his blessings will be bestowed to the person who will perform the right fasting chanting mantras with great respect and devotion.

The benefits of this pooja are enormous. It is also believed that whoever worships Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati on this day will be dearer to them than their son Karthik.

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This Package Includes

This package provides each devotee with the enormous benefits that continue to provide them with the blessings they need for their great devotion to Lord Shiva. With Lord Shiva's grace, we have exciting and Holy spiritual offers for you this Mahashivratri.

Seven Mukhi Rudraksha

The seven Mukhi Rudraksha will be given to all the devotees. Online listeners will also get the package with various benefits of their hard work and dedication to Lord Shiva's prayers. The seven Mukhi Rudraksha is the most powerful, and with various healing and curing properties, one can wear them to powerfully get the blessings of Lord Shiva to attain money and successful careers in the future.

Abhimantrit Moli

The abhimantrit moli is given to the devotees who face several life problems. It is given to all the devotees who have joined the prayer, and hence the Molly will provide the complete blessings of Lord Shiva for the married couples, students, workers, etc.


The Pandit will name the devotee in one Sankalp during the puja. The meaning of Sankalp is intention. The intention is formed by the Pandit by using their heart and mind to better perform the pooja and tie the Sankalp with the universe to listen to all your intentions.

Live Streaming Link and Videos Sharing

Those who will not be able to attend the life streaming of the video do not have to worry about it. We have curated and provided the best efforts for our devotees to attend the live training Pooja who cannot attend at a particular time. They can play the live streaming link anytime & anywhere and start receiving the blessings of Lord Shiva.

Frequently asked Questions

01. Will my name be taken in the Puja.

It’s a group puja; so the customer’s name will be taken while reading out the list of Yajman during the Sankalp.

02. How long does Abhimantarit Seven Mukhi Rudraksha & Moli take to deliver?

The delivery time to receive the Abhimantarit Seven Mukhi Rudraksha & Moli will be 15 working days, but for international devotees, the time will depend on the distance and other such conditions. In this way, extra prices will be applicable in case of long-distance Travel.

03. How long will it take to get the live stream recording?

The recording of the live stream will happen on the same day. But the recording will be sent to all the devotees for offline streaming after 48 hours.

04. Is there any kind of Refund applicable?

No refund will be entertained on any account whatsoever.


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