Safed Pukhraj
Safed Pukhraj

Know About Safed Pukhraj or White Sapphire White Sapphire known as Safed Pukhraj in Hindi is a gemstone of planet Uranus and is the birthstone for Gemini. According to Indian astrology, it strengthens Shukra thus Taurus and Libra people can also wear this. It also gives benefits to Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius people.

This gemstone works according to the seven Chakras of human body. According to Vedic astrology, when the crown chakra out of seven energy centers of human body, get blocked the person faces difficulties in his life. The White Sapphire re-energies the Crown Chakra and the wearer regain the aptness to express his hat tip.

Safed Pukhraj is completely colorless and helps the wearer to have a lavish life, it also vouch safety, beauty, charm, fulfillment of wishes and escalate the financial opulence. It is vastly beneficial for people those are in travel business. Safed Pukhraj is good for those who are working in the field of fashion, art, culture, music or other creative activities.

Always scrutinizes govt lab certified White Sapphire gemstone to get optimum results. At Khanna Gems, you can buy natural Safed Pukhraj because only natural gemstone can help to come out the notable problem.

White Sapphire gemstone's price is high as compare to other gemstones. It has a rating of nine when compare with the hardness of diamond, although the diamond is more expensive as juxtapose to Safed Pukhraj.

Benefits of White Pukhraj 

  1. It helps to improve the creativity of the wearer.
  2. It is good for artist, actor and administration.
  3. It heals the nervous system and strengthens and the blood repository.
  4. It teak the relationship and bring beguile between the two people.
  5. It endorse to pregnant women to easy childbirth.
  6. It also helps to remove negative thought and to bring positive energy.
  7. It improves the communication and sensuality.

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