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A year has passed since the COVID-19 outbreak began, and we're still stuck at home. As a result,walking outside has become both a risk and a time-consuming task for many. People's lives have been touched, and they've turned to astrological ways for help. Many people have turned to internet methods of gem recommendation and purchase because it is no longer feasible for them to meet with an astrologer one-on-one to determine their issues and solutions.

Although purchasing gemstones online has become a relatively simple process, having a gem recommendation session to determine one's best suited gem has been a bit of a challenge. Free online gem recommendation sessions have become popular although it has its negative implications.

As a result of this, Gem Selection has provided our consumers with an amazing opportunity.


What is FREE Gem Recommendation and how is it bad for the users ?

Free gemstone suggestions offered by corporations and astrological websites have traditionally relied on algorithms and software with a maximum of 40 percent accuracy rate, according to industry standards. This gem recommendation is made possible by software that uses your name, date of birth, time of day, and location of birth to determine the approximate gemstones for you based on numbers.

However, because it does not identify your whole horoscope and is not accurate, and following this advice may have zero positive effect or even bad implications for the user.


Astrological Gem Recommendation from Gem Selections

Each week at Gem Selections, we receive dozens of requests for a free gem suggestion session from customers. Despite the fact that the gemstone recommendation process has been a software-based procedure till now, we believe it has little to no positive impact on the lives of our consumers and is therefore unnecessary.

Rather than receiving a gem recommendation from software, Gem Selections has developed a unique option in which you will receive a complete gem recommendation from certified astrologers from Gem Selections. This gem recommendation session is essentially identical to a genuine session, with the exception that no software or gimmicks will be utilised to assess which gemstones are appropriate for you to wear.

In exchange for this Gem Recommendation session, you will just be required to pay Rs 101, and you will be able to finish the entire process online from the comfort and security of your own home, saving time and money and gaining the full potential of your lives.

What will you receive ?

In this gem recommendation session, the astrologer will analyse your full horoscope including the position of your stars, moons and planets in your life according to your details provided. Based on these results, the astrologer will comment which gemstones you should wear along with exact ornaments and metal and how to wear them. These recommendations will be most beneficial to you and you specifically. The astrologer will communicate this information with you in the form of a voice recording of 1 minute.

If you prefer, you may purchase these recommended gemstones online from Gem Selections, which offers the biggest variety of natural coloured and government lab certified gemstones available on the market today.

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