Pukhraj Stone

Pukhraj Stone

Pukhraj Stone is the gem of Jupiter/Brihaspati and this is one of the most cherished gemstone in India seen across the who is who of Industry, bureaucracy, politics, artists and nearly everyone who matters in society. But unfortunately 99% of the market is selling fake/heated filled gemstones which have marginal astrological value. These gemstones are mainly sold with a guarantee of home-made certificates whose certifying authority is mysteriously unknown or misrepresented. To Buy Original Pukhraj Stone one has to first of all understand that any Gemstone will have a vast range of qualities available.

An Original Pukhraj Stone can be available in number of varieties ranging from Rs. 1100.00 per ratti to Rs.50000 per ratti. These days Treated Pukhraj Stone is also available. These Gems have colour artificially infused in it. One can find these gemstones at a lower price. Mostly the customer is duped in the process as he is just buying on faith. how many carat pukhraj should i wear It depends on your body weight and age, Carat weight always use in Jewellery but if we want to wear Pukhraj stone for astrological benefits then we should wear pukhraj in weight of Ratti, like 4.25 ratti, 5.25 ratti, 6.25 ratti, 7.25 ratti etc., How to take care of Pukhraj stone Take some lukewarm water and put pukhraj ring in it and after five minute we should scrub gently to remove the stains completely. Take a soft tooth brush and scrub gently to remove the stains completely. We should take soft cotton clothe for cleaning Pukhraj Ring. We should do this process every month end.

How to purify Pukhraj Stone, Here is simple process to purify your pukhraj stone easy steps:

1. Take off ring and put it in Holy Ganga Jal

2. AT 7.30 Am morning of Thursday chanting mantras of "OM GRAAM GREEM GRAUM SAH GURUVE NAMAHA" then you may wear Ring.

3. Mantra should be chanting 108 times. Original pukhraj stone price india The price of Original Pukhraj stone starts at Rs. 2100 per ratti to 41000.00 per ratti. Buy Pukhraj stone online in India at Lowest Price. Pukhraj stone Gemstone BENEFITS For persons born in the Sign of SAGITTARIUS AND PISCES . Pukhraj removes the delays in marriage for a female.

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