To Create your own, very own Jewellery masterpiece. Please download the Gem Selections App.


Are you looking for some unique design Jewellery for self or to gift someone special? When you design something it comes from your heart and that’s why it is different and unique in appearance. Gifting the personalized Jewellery of your own creation makes the person feel special on special occasions like anniversary, birthday, valentine, mother’s day, father’s day etc.


What does it require?


Jewellery design app, ideas, design components and most important inspiration. You can create your own Jewellery at Gem Selections App from Khanna Gems. Our App tool lets you create your own Jewellery in simple steps. Once you designed it, upload it on app with your details and we carefully hand craft it for you. You no need to be a professional designer to create your own Jewellery. With a few clicks on the Gem Selections App, you can create design, write name or any symbol; for example, deigning a ring with Name initials, floral design necklace, pendant with photos etc.


Design your Creations


Create your own Jewellery with our Gem Selections App in just simple steps.


1. Select your Jewellery components


Select components as per your style or other’s style (if gifting). Select from a wide variety of jewellery item like ring, chain, pendant, bracelets etc. Select your Gemstone and design it as per your wish and ideas. You can also take recommendation from other’s creations in selecting your components. You can take recommendation for your birthstones also for your own jewellery.


2. Customize online


Generate your ideas without any limits and explore your creativity while customizing your unique piece. Take inspirations from your life events to add text, stones, cut outs and symbols that define your special moment. Keep it simple and pretty.


3. Checkout and creating


Once you are done review it, add to cart and checkout. We will handcraft your jewelry designed with our expert jewellery designers.


Please download the Gem Selections App. Give it a try!

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