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Precious and Adorable Diamond Jewellery


Care of Diamond Jewellery


Only purchasing the dazzling Diamond Jewellery is not enough for the diamond lovers but keeping it’s clean and clear makes your purchase worthy. Diamond, like other substances, also accumulates dirt or oil thus affecting its sparkling property.


Here are certain things you need to consider while caring for it.


• Clean the Diamond Jewellery frequently at home. Keep your Jewellery in a cup of warm soapy water (mild soap or mild detergent) for some time. Then, gently scrub the stone with a baby toothbrush. Rinse and dry it with a cotton cloth.


• Store your Diamond Jewellery in fabric-lined box to avoid scratches on it.


• Get professional assistance by taking your Diamond Jewellery to a professional jeweler at least once a year.


• Get authentication certification for your purchase.


Types of Diamond Jewellery:


A piece of Diamond Jewellery is not just style statement rather it is a way of adorning yourself. You have a variety of earrings, neck pieces, bracelets and nose rings. Diamond Jewellery is also available in many variations like Fashionable finger rings, elegant earrings, simple studs, huggie earrings, Name Initials Diamond pendants, religious pendants, wired diamond nose pins, plain diamond bracelets, diamond bracelets embedded in gold, pearl-diamond bracelets and Solitaire rings. It is important for you to pick the appropriate piece of Diamond Jewellery for the occasion.


Khanna Gems:


Khanna Gems is the most trusted brand of gemstones and Mr. Pankaj Khanna, the owner, is renowned name in the gem industry. They have vast variety of gemstones precious or semi-precious. They will guide you on the astrological properties of the Diamond and who should wear this stone. They have varieties of Diamond Jewellery too – rings, earring, bracelet, pendant, nose pin, etc.


To view Diamond Jewellery from Khanna Gems, please visit www.khannagems.com or download the Gem Selections App.

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