Gem Selections Live

Gem Selections Live

With the emergence of online platform, people sell or purchase products and services online. Earlier people used to purchase or sell things on just the word of mouth of retailers but now they always visit Google to check the authenticity of the things for their price and quality. Khanna Gems, a brand owned by famous astrologer and gemologist Pankaj Khanna introduces Gem Selections Live, an online technology in the field of astrology and gemstones.

The Gem Selections LIVE was launched on 31st March 2018 on the day of Hanuman Jayanti and was inaugurated with Gem Selections LIVE puja of Lord Hanuman. Developed by Khanna Gems, the objective of this online platform is to watch puja rituals at Gem Selections LIVE while they are wearing their gemstones. Not only this, this platform helps customers to watch videos LIVE for their birthstones before they make this important purchase for them. You will watch full video about the gemstones, their affect and how it effect the person, why do you need them, where you can purchase them, proper procedure of how to wear them.

Customers who buy astrological gemstones from Khanna Gems can get them equipped with Abhimantaran Puja free of cost and watch its rituals live at Gem Selections LIVE.

Gem Selections Forum

Where Gem Selections LIVE gives you online platform for viewing you gemstone details LIVE, on the other hand, Gem Selections Forum gives you a platform to send in your queries regarding gemstones and you will get answer for your query and also answer the questions of others.

Gem Selections Forum helps individuals with answers having zero knowledge of gemstones according to their zodiac sign. You will get to know its positive and negative effects on the wearer and how it affects emotional, psychological, social and personal life of the wearer.


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