How Gemstones Work

  • As we start understanding how Gemstones work – the basic thing that a buyer must understand is that Gem Stones are not magical remedies.
  • Gemstones work on the principle and transmission of wavelengths which belong to some particular planet.
  • Gems are worn for drawing additional energy from the respective planets they represent so that the deficiency if any in the planetary rays at the time of birth is automatically rectified and a weak planet turns into a strong one. So if a planet is benefic but weak one should wear its gem in order to give it the required strength. For example If in a horoscope Sun is weak , then that person should wear Ruby as the Gem for Sun is Ruby. A Ruby will absorb and transmit Sun’s Energy to the body of the wearer and strengthen it i.e it will become strong and will boost the results given by Sun to that particular native
  • When we wear a Gemstone it enhances the absorption of cosmic rays of the planet it represents – remember cosmic rays are different from light rays.
  • This increased absorption of cosmic rays leads to changes in our AURA.
  • The change in our AURA has an impact on our body, conscious and Sub conscious mind and also on the people we think of and who think of us.
  • The impact of wearing a Gem on our destiny starts after 30 to 40 days.
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