Real birthstones

Gemstones are made from mineral dusts, the minerals are processed upon and after finishing they take form of these beautiful stones. These stones have both astrological and aesthetic value.

Gemstones that represent people’s birth month are known as Birthstones. They are used or wore in the form of rings, pendants, bracelets or any other aesthetic item. All months have Real birthstone associated to them. People believe that wearing a birthstone will bestow their life with good luck and prosperity.

Real Birthstones aka non-fake birthstones radiate energies that counter the effects of celestial bodies, but this effect can only be observed if the birthstone is not fake. There are many gemstone providers in the market that sell similar looking objects made of plastic or glass.

What are Real Birthstones and how do they work ?

Astrology is the scientific study of predicting the life happenings of a person on the basis of the relative position of the planets ie celestial forces. Human lives are effected by the movement and position of these planets.

Based on the data collected and analyzed of people born in the past under the same planetary conditions,real birthstones and future life events for newer generations are decided.

Gemstones sold in the market are both fake and real birthstones, one must take the guidance of a proficient gemologist or astrologer before going to make a purchase.

Birthstones and the associated months

Here are some birthstones and associated months-

  • January- Garnet stone
  • February- Amethyst stone
  • March- Aquamarine
  • April- Diamond
  • May- Emerald Stone
  • June- Pearl
  • July- Ruby
  • August- Peridot
  • September- Sapphire
  • October- Opal
  • November- Topaz
  • December- Turquoise


Before going to make a purchase of a gemstone, one should get to know the various tests that can be performed while checking the gemstone, there are various techniques using which one can know whether a gemstone is real or not such as the fog test.

Also almost all the gemstones come with a certificate, the certificate is a proof that the gemstone is natural and not much processed upon, it confirms to all the standards.

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