Vedic ratna gems

Hindu religion is among the most oldest religion, Vedas are ancient scriptures of knowledge and information that have originated from the Hindi culture that have been created by the ancient people to pass it on to the future generations. Vedas are written in Sanskrit language and have helped in understanding astrology and the system of stars and heavenly bodies and their effects on people. The Vedas have also emphasized on the use of gemstone for balancing the horoscope Dosha which is commonly referred to as Vedic Ratna.

The Vedas also have passed on knowledge about the gemstones, these Vedic Ratna have been wore by kings and royals, their worth and value was also among the masses but were not affordable by everyone. Only the rich and powerful had access to the advantages. Vedas have helped people of all economical backgrounds understand the ratnas and their uses.

What is a Vedic Ratna?

It is a simple Ratna or a gemstone, it gets formed as the other gemstones, the minerals are extracted and are processed upon to form the Ratna. The gemstones have been categorized into precious and semiprecious gemstones, not on the basis of their cost but on the basis of their rarity, durability, color and other physical characteristics.

The Vedic Ratna term is commonly used to refer to the nine main gemstones. They are also known as navratnas. These gemstones are used for their healing properties. Now these nine stones are considered most important as per the Indian Vedas, the nine planets are associated with each of the stone. A Vedic ratna is suggested to a person after his horoscope is studied by an astrologist and depending upon the positions of the planets in the horoscope, a stone is suggested.

The Nine Vedic Ratna, here are:

  • 1) Ruby
  • 2) Natural Pearl
  • 3) Red Coral
  • 4) Emerald
  • 5) Yellow Sapphire
  • 6) Diamond
  • 7) Blue Sapphire
  • 8) Hessonite
  • 9) Cat’s eye Chrysoberyl
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