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History of Victorian Jewellery


The Victorian era (1837-1901) is divided into three phases - Romantic, Grand and Aesthetic phase. Each phase had represented some specific gems and specific themes based gem studded Victorian Jewellery.


The Early or Romantic Victorian phase represented love for religion and new ruling couple - Queen Victoria and Albert Prince Consort. Jewellery motifs of this phase were from religion (hands, hearts, crosses and knots) and nature (bird, flowers, trees, serpents). Gems of this period were agate, amber, amethyst, diamonds emerald and Quartz embedded in Gold or Silver.


The Middle or Grand or Mourning Victorian phase depicted the mourning phase of Queen Victoria because of the death of his husband Albert Prince Consort. He was died in December of 1861 from typhoid fever which was misdiagnosed but in reality he had some progressive cancer. The phase of Victoria's mourning included large and dark graved yet remarkable jewelry with black onyx, amethyst and garnet gemstones embedded in Gold.


The Late or Aesthetic Victorians phase introduced more complex feminine motifs, like floral and celestial designs with gemstones such as sapphire, ruby, zircon and diamond embedded in Gold. This phase lasted until the end of century.


Thus, the Victorian Jewellery was mostly influenced by Victorian rulers and estates. It was an influential eras for antique and royal jewelry. During the Victorian rule, India came out as trading center of precious as well as semi-precious gemstones which were used to create marvelous Gem studded- Victorian Jewellery.


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