Where to Buy Gemstones in Delhi

The crystal sparkle, the vivid colours and its luxurious appeals has always made gemstones a sought after enigma for the human mind. Gemstones come from the very womb of Mother Earth, carrying with it all her majestic cosmic vibrations and magnetic vibes.

Astrology is guided by the principal that the nine planets and their position in the astral realm impact our lives right from our birth. The astral vibes emanated from these 9 planets can propel us toward prosperity or tumble us down the path of despair.

When fine gem stones sit on the right spot of our body, they have the ability to absorb all the positive vibes and energy emitted by the celestial bodies. And, channels this energy into our mind, soul and body which heals us emotionally, mentally and physically. And, brings us good luck and fortune.

Signs of quality gemstones

With the growing demand for gemstones in the market, both in the East and West, the counterfeit market is thriving. So, when you are planning to invest in a gemstone and reap its benefits, look for the following –

1. Government Certification

It is not easy for the naked inexperienced eyes to tell apart a real gem from a fake gem. Buying you sparkler from a government certified seller is your best bet to ensure that you get genuine products.

We take immense pride in delivering govt certified gemstones in delhi at the best rates possible. This is exactly what has made us the go to for most Delhi-ites.

2. Colour

Gem stones with rich hues, high saturation value and pure tone (whether it’s light in colour or dark) are considered the gold standard for coloured gemstones. Sometime the value can also fluctuate depending on the rarity of the colour.

3. Clarity

Clarity or a gemstone which is “crystal clear” is the only ones that are revered in astrology. Since these beauties are created by the forces of nature, it is not uncommon for them to have cracks, mineral deposits, fractures and hollows that interfere with the flow of light. Unfortunately, they are not ideal for astrological purposes. This is where we come in for your rescue with our extensive collection of not just beautiful but also flawless gemstones.

4. Carat

Gems are weighed in terms of carat which equates to 1.5 grams. You should pick an astrological gem based on the requirements of your zodiac, planetary positions and expert advice. You can depend on us to give you the perfect solution for your gem needs.

Benefits of wearing Quality gemstones

When you wear the perfect gem bought from the best in the gemstone market in delhi, you can experience the following benefits –

1. Good luck with increase energy

2. Increase in concentration and memory function

3. A calming effect on your mind

4. Cleansing of negative energies

5. Healing of the body and mind

6. Better relationships

7. Prosperity

Still wondering where you get the perfect gemstone? Well, there’s just one place that will offer you all of this at a decent price – GEM SELECTIONS. Visit us and take a look yourself!

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