Gem Selections™ awarded as the “Best Gemstone Brand in India”.

Who should wear a Heera / Diamond

  • People who are writers, poets, public speakers, linguists, politicians, priests, newspaper and media reporters, sports person, boxers, advertising agency men, film distributors can take benefit by wearing diamond.
  • Again people who are involved in business revolving arts, imaginations, silk, jewellery, gems, cosmetics, sex products can have good gains in their respective business or profession after wearing diamond.
  • People who are actors, dancers, involved in music, dance and drama, cinematographers and magicians are very much benefited by wearing diamond.
  • Even people who are painters, involved in medicines, computer, yoga, hypnotism can also have substantial increase in their endeavors.
  • Diamond helps people who manufacturers of luxury items, travel, science, law, mathematics, astrology, agriculture, manufacturer of chocolates etc.