Wednesday May 16, 2018

Gemstones are the crystal those are found under the crust of the earth’s surface and take many years to form where they are divided into two kinds, one is the semi-precious gemstone and other is precious. They are used to make the ornaments basically like a diamond, sapphire, ruby, opal, jade, emerald and many more, but some of the gemstones are used to prepare art crafts or we can say showpiece. They are classified according to their price, in the industry of jewels, and price is defined by the lustrous property , but, apart from the adornments, all the gemstones have a significant value in the horoscope and astrology, these gemstones are said to be connected with the planets, stars, constellation, and everything which is related to the Horoscopes.

Things you should know About Astrological Gemstones

These gemstones, contain sort of the mystical powers or energies, where the nine stones are directly related and connected to the nine ruling planets, each gemstone signifies the corresponding planet, and we all know, that, according to our Vedic astrology, the nature of human, his past, his present, and future, everything occurs…


Wednesday April 11, 2018

The truth about the Gem & Jewellery Industry

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