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The Most Powerful Gemstone: Blue Sapphire

Neelam stone

The term navratna refers to the combination of nine gemstones, and blue sapphire is one of the nine navratna stones. It also functions faster than other gemstones. Blue Sapphire gemstone, commonly known as Neelam stone (Neelam means blue), is an excellent gemstone with rich properties and appearance.

The colour of an actual gemstone, which is a flawless fusion of the appropriate hue, tone, and saturation, can be used to identify it. It’s important to understand when you decide to buy Neelam stone what it looks like in direct sunlight. Keep an eye out for the shine it carries. The gemstone is contaminated if it is visible as a shine to the naked eye.

The Greeks have long been known to wear blue sapphire when seeking advice from the oracle. The oracle has long admired this gem of gems and pays attention solely to people who hold this exquisite gemstone.

The gleaming Blue Sapphire Stone is undoubtedly the most costly gemstone, and it carries the energy of the Lord of Karma and the educator Saturn. As a result, the stone can either benefit or harm the wearer’s life. After gems, the stone is the second hardest natural material available. However, due to its tone and immersion, the colour of Neelam stone varies between dim and light blue.

The blue sapphire is extremely beneficial to two zodiac signs: Aquarius and Capricorn. Lord Saturn rules these two sun signs. Lord Saturn is a slow-moving planet that emits blue light and is known to bring limitations, obstacles, and roadblocks in a person’s life. If this planet is weak in your birth chart, you may face numerous tribulations and challenges. On the other hand, a powerful Saturn can bring fame, success, and good fortune into one’s life.

How Does Blue Sapphire Help?

Some advantages of wearing blue sapphire are listed below.

● This stone promotes success in friendships, business, and love.

● Blue Sapphire can bring you abundant money, good fortune, and success. Similarly, past financial misfortune can be repaired indefinitely.

● Because Neelam stone can relieve anxiety; the wearer will experience mental tranquillity. A calm mind and soul will help you make the best decisions. Similarly, you will experience clarity in making decisions; thus, there will be no confusion or uncertainty in the wearer’s mental state.

● The stone will increase the wearer’s concentration and confidence.

● The Neelam stone can remove melancholy and any unpleasant sensations associated with death, protecting the wearer from acute grief. The wearer will experience an increase in the fearlessness and mental stability.

● The blue sapphire stone provides several medical benefits to the wearer.

● The stone aids in the recovery of all stomach illnesses and also enhances the stomach-related system.

● It aids in the prevention of stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms.

● Wearing Blue Sapphire can help with medical conditions such as pneumonia, gout, nausea, and stiffness.

● The stone also shows promising results in the treatment of problems associated with the bones, knees, teeth, feet, and ribs. Wearing the blue sapphire will let you learn more about the stone’s hidden powers.

● The wearer will wish to satisfy Saturn and will be able to obtain a name, popularity, riches, and money.

● Individuals can have multiple sources of income and achieve financial stability in the company and at home.

● Blue sapphire is regarded as a highly protective gemstone. As a result, the wearer is protected from thievery, fear, misfortunes, and problems caused by natural disasters such as hurricanes and fires.

● It also protects against adversaries, stinks eye, hexing, and desire.

● Blue Sapphire serves as a shield for the bearer, protecting him or her from all dangers.

● Wearing gemstones might help to improve the horoscope’s weak planets.

What You Should Know Before Wearing a Blue Sapphire

To benefit from the astrological benefits, the Blue Sapphire stone must be suitable for the user, as it is only suitable for 40% of people, even after expert advice. Thus, expert astrologers recommend the Blue Sapphire stone with caution since it possesses the energy of a Karmic planet, Saturn, according to Vedic astrology. Saturn’s major and minor eras can either reward or punish a person’s life. As a result, when wearing the Blue Sapphire or Neelam stone, care should be exercised. The wearer should wear a genuine and 100% natural blue sapphire stone at the right time.

Furthermore, stone has a variety of results during Saturn Mahadasha and Saturn Antardasha. The stone has the potential to provide you with exceptional results. Suppose you are experiencing the Sade Sati phase. During this exciting and difficult time, the wearer benefits from the Neelam stone. The user can get rid of all the staleness and despair that pervades people’s lives during this time. The gemstone will provide rapid relief to the individual by generating instant vitality and enthusiasm in the wearer and aiding his digestion, as well as removing the paleness of anguish during the Sade Sati stage.

How Should You Wear A Blue Sapphire?

● A 2-carat Blue Sapphire stone (Neelam stone) should be worn by the wearer.

● The stone is only beneficial when worn in a Silver or Platinum ring or pendant. The stone should never be worn with a gold ring or pendant since it has detrimental effects.

● On a Saturday, a blue sapphire stone should be worn on the middle finger of the right or left hand. To energise the stone, the wearer should soak it in milk for about an hour and then in rose water.

● Blue Spinel, Blue Topaz, and Amethyst Stone are Blue Sapphire Stone replacements. If you cannot pay the price of the costly stone, you can benefit from its replacements. Certainly, the alternatives are less useful than the original Blue Sapphire stone.

● Blue Sapphire can bring you abundance, name, distinction, good fortune, chance, and advancement within a day to a month of wearing it.


To conclude, this is one of the most valuable and certified Neelam stone since it boosts the beneficial impacts of Saturn in one’s life while removing the negative consequences of this planet. This is a powerful gemstone that should only be worn after consulting a gemstone expert and taking the required measures.

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