Astrological gemstones

Gemstones are being used by humans from a very long period now. They are said to possess healing characteristics, people having doshas or defects in their horoscopes keep the gemstones close to their body, they wear it either in the form of rings or pendants or bracelets. The ornament in which they are wore is also said to possess an effect. Astrological gemstones are rare, have a fixed chemical composition, durable, available in various size, shapes and cuts. The fixed chemical composition is what distinguishes an authentic astrological gemstone from a fake one. The gemstones extracted from minerals are processed upon, they are cut, polished and the finished to form the resultant product we see people wearing or in the markets, each gemstone comes with a unique color, the astrology gemstones in their fake replica can be of the same color but the chemical composition is not same, the replicas are generally made from glass or plastic.

What is Astrology?

 Astrology is the study of the positions of planets and celestial bodies at the time of a person’s birth. The study is based on recorded and analyzed data of human beings from thousands of years. The data is used to predict the lives of people based on the planetary positions at their birth time. Astrology also enforces use of astrological gemstones to help make the lives of people better.

What are astrology gemstones?

In Astrology, the faults in the horoscopes of people are believed to get cured with the help of gemstones, the gemstones have been used from the ancient period of time, earlier only the royals could afford and wear them and enjoy the benefits but in today’s realm, almost anyone can have them. Astrology gemstones are helping people in almost every aspects of life, let it be education, job, marriage or inner happiness. The magical effect can be seen immediately after one starts wearing the gemstone. The science behind Astrology gemstones is that the chemical composition of each gemstone makes it possess and radiate certain energies and frequencies, these radiations help in countering and balancing the pulls of the celestial bodies and their effects.

The planets play a major role in the human lives, their relevant positions at the time of a person’s birth and throughout his life on his horoscope is what decides a man’s fate, this fate can be made better by using astrological gemstones.

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