Benefits of wearing Green Pukhraj

  1. Wisdom and knowledge is held to be of paramount importance. Green Pukhraj allows us to collect knowledge on the basis of memory, observation and understanding. The green sapphire helps upgrade a person’s moral principles and also helps to reform his/her character.
  2. Green Pukhraj improves ones loyalty and trust and helps the vices to exit from the body. It helps a person to build his social and interactive skills
  3. Green Pukhraj also pacifies the soul. It builds mental peace and blood flow into the brain so is a bonus to meditation and yoga initiatives. Green Pukhraj also empowers your mental reasoning skills and simplifies your outlook to life.
  4. Green Pukhraj helps to bring forth a vast ocean of opportunities and provides a platform
  5. Green Pukhraj shuts off the negativities present in and around us and brings forth far more energetic zones of happiness, content and gives us energy to complete enduring tasks. It develops the concepts of patience and kindness and helps us change our personality in a positive way.
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