Buy Gems

Buying Gems should be a logical activity. The buyer must ascertain certain facts before he buys a Gem that can have an impact on his destiny

  • The Gem should not be second hand. Never buy from a Jeweller or Gem Dealer who promises to buy it back at a later date. As he is not going to keep that used Gem but will have to sell it most probably you will also get a used Gem and all the sorrows of the person who more it before you will be transferred to you.
  • You should buy Gems from an organization that is in the trade for a long time and has a reputation of selling Natural Gems.
  • Gems are never available at bargain prices so if someone offers you bargain prices there is something fishy.
  • Buy Gems with proper certificates.
  • Get your Gems set in Rings or Pendants from trusted organizations with trained workers so that will mounting the Gem it does not get damaged or the person making the ring or pendent does not change it.
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