Gem of Gemini Ascendant

  1. Hindu Astrologers consider Panna Stone as the Gemstone for those born in the Gemini Ascendant.
  2. The wearing of Panna Stone by the natives born in Gemini Ascendant strengthens their Mercury i.e., Budh thereby giving them better constitution and better fate or BHAGYA.
  3. Remember the very purpose of wearing Gemstones is to strengthen this un quantifiable phenomenon called Bhagya – which if favorable gives all kinds of happiness to people and if malefic gives – all kinds of pain.
  4. In Gemini Ascendant Budh is the lord of the Ascendant and the Fourth House so it is the most important Gemstone to be worn. Wearing this Gemstone can surely have a lot of positive influences on the wearer.
  5. The most important influence is of course in the field of Personal Life, Property and overall personality.
  6. Females get a lot of benefits by wearing this Gemstone as their emotional problems are healed by a Good Panna Stone by keeping the nervous system strong.
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