Precious Gemstones

Precious Gemstones
What are Precious Gemstones ? Gemstones that rare are considered Precious Gemstones, because of their rarity, they is valuable and hence they fall in the category of precious gemstones. Also people consider those gemstones precious which are extracted from a rock or a mineral, because such gemstone end products are visually more appealing, they have an exquisite shape and mesmerizing color.

The four main precious gemstones that comprises of the precious gemstones list are Diamond, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire. Stones that are available in more qty in nature and are found easily are known as semi precious gemstones, some of the semiprecious gemstones are Lapis Lazuli, Cat’s eye, Onyx and Pearl. There are more semi precious gemstones but the precious gemstones are very less in number.

Each of the gemstone is associated to a certain planet in the horoscope of a person, the stone is said to balance the effects of the planet. Each planet and their relative positions at the time of birth of a person have an effect on the person throughout his life.

Precious Gemstones and their Associated Planets

Here is the list of Precious Gemstones List and the associated planets. Wearing the stone under the guidance of a proficient astrologer may result in beneficial effects. One must not wear the stone before consulting a professional astrologer or gemologist or else it may lead to adverse effects.

  1. Ruby- Sun, Sun is the main planet in Astrology, it represents masculine energy and gives energy to other planets.
  2. Emerald- Mercury, the planet is related to the characteristics of expression and communication
  3. Sapphire or Yellow Sapphire- Jupiter, it is related to financial wellbeing, happiness, wisdom and confidence.
  4. Diamond- Venus, represents love and money.

Where to Buy Precious Gemstones ?

Precious gemstones can be procured from any gemstone provider o=in the market, they are slightly costlier than the semiprecious gemstones but are not readily available in the market as compared to semiprecious gemstones.

One can Buy Precious Gemstones from Gem Selections- A Unit of Khannagems Pvt Ltd. The owner Mr Pankaj Khanna is a frequently heard name in the Gem and Diamond industry. He is a world class astrologer and palmist, his clients range from common man to celebrities, natives to international level.

People who visit the store always return back more aware and educated about the gemstones whether it be precious gemstones or semiprecious gemstones. His store contains all kkinds of gem collections encapsulated in all kind of covering materials, because in astrology, the gemstone containing jewellery is also significant. It enhances the effects of the centre stone.

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