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What is Gemology?

The study of precious and semi-precious gemstones that are both natural and synthetic is known as Gemology. The study of Gemology has been divided in three sections:

Identification and Procuring of original Gemstones

To study this part of Gemology, you need to have more experience than knowledge because sometimes machines finding mislead the gemologist. So identification need expert and certified gemologist.

Processing of Gemstones for better appearance

Processing involves cutting and polishing of gemstones to enhance its appearance in cut, color and clarity and extract the maximum value of gemstones. An experienced gemologist is also important in this section of Gemology to get the best out of the rough stone without harming its original properties.

Maintenance of Gemstones for long term use

Maintenance of gemstones should be done according to its hardness, physical and chemical properties. Gemology gives you the knowledge of up keeping the precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Types of Gemstones

According to Indian Gemology, Gemstones are of three types – Precious, Semi-precious and Minor Stones. Though, there is a long list of gemstones on the earth crust but according to Rig Veda certain number has been given in these three categories of Gemstones. There are nine Precious Gemstones, thirty-four Semi-precious Gemstones and thirty-four minor Gemstones mentioned in Ratna Shastra. These gemstones are kept as wealth by royal kings and rich people of the earlier times and strongly desired by the general public as gemstones were precious and expensive.

Gemstones at Khanna Gems

Khanna Gems is a very reputed brand of gemstones in the gem industry owned by expert astrologer Mr. Panakj Khanna. He is a renowned gemologist who has studied Gemology and has experience of over 30 years of procuring and processing of original precious and semi-precious stones.

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