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History of Gem Studded Jewellery


Gemstones embedded jewelries have been used since ancient times to beautify one’s personality. Along with their mesmerizing and mystical healing properties, the color, luster, cut and rarity of Gem studded Jewellery describes their value and sets them different from other minerals crystals.


Mythological scriptures like Mahabharata and Ramayana describes that how these Gem studded Jewellery were adorned by royals to showcase their possession.


India is rich in gemstones reserves that allure the Mughals to set up their kingdom in India. Gem Studded Jewellery was used to create wonderful jewelry pieces for royal families. They used to wear them with day to day attires. These Jewelleries were in the Indian market since Victorian Period. Now, the Indian market has many finest gemstone studded jewels.


Astrological Gem Studded Jewellery


According to Indian Astrology, Gem studded Jewellery can be used for their mystical healing powers. Based on the astrological chart of a wearer, a gemstone jewel can be used to bring good health, increase in wealth and prosperity.


Red Ruby is ruled by the planet Sun which improves beauty and health of the wearer.


Pearl is white gemstone which enhances the concentration power and brings honesty and purity in the wearer’s life.


Coral is ruled by Mars and promotes creativity and makes the wearer enthusiastic.


Sapphire promotes knowledge and love in the wearer’s life. It also enhances the luck of business oriented persons helps them in making wise decisions.


Diamond is known for its purity and clarity. It brings clarity of vision, thoughts and gives mental peace.


Emerald is green stone which brings good fortune to the wearer.


These are many precious and semi-precious Gem studded Jewellery available in the market that can be used in gem therapy.


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