Who should wear a gomed

  1. Astrologically Gomed is strongly recommended for those people who have Rahu placed in a strong position in their natal chart. If Rahu is placed in a positive position in a natal chart then it gives a person a very strong BHAGYA he or she is able to cut through the competition and reach a very high level on professional ladder. Some of the most influential people in the history had Rahu in a very prominent benefic position. This gave them an edge in life and they were able to rise to a very high position in life. These include the ex Prime Minister of India Mrs. Indira Gandhi, ex Home Minister Sardar Vallab bhai Patel etc.
  2. I have been recommending and providing Gomed to my clients since 1987 I have observed that it is a potent Gemstone which can mold a number of uncomfortable positions in life. The first effect if rightly worn is that it can make the wearer stress free and he starts having some added advantages in all situations of life.
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