Jyeshtha: Gemstone – Panna

  1. Jyeshtha is the senior most wife of the Moon but superseded by the young wifes.
  2. This Nakshatra gives a sharp mental power and analytical ability. Many a creative genius are born in this Nakshatra namely e.g., Albert Einstein.
  3. The primary motivation of Jyeshtha people is artha or material prosperity. But at the same time they are seen engrossed in their efforts to achieve spiritual upliftment.
  4. Panna Stone is the Gemstone that should be worn by those who are born in this Nakshatra. It gives them spiritual and mental stability to fight off the problems of their own ego and internal combat.
  5. Symbol: Earring, Umbrella
  6. Ruling Planet: Mercury
  7. Nature: Rakshasa
  8. Primary Motivation: Artha
  9. Animal Symbol: Male Deer
  10. Direction: West
  11. Deity: Indra
  12. Jyeshtha Career Interests:
  13. Self – employed,
  14. Military Leaders,
  15. Artists,
  16. Modeling,
  17. Philosophers.
  18. Jyeshtha Health Issues:
  19. Genital Organs,
  20. Ovaries,
  21. Muscular Problems,
  22. Neck Pain,
  23. Stomach Problems,
  24. Colds
  25. ,
  26. Breast Cancer.
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