Shri Pankaj Khanna- The man who strived to promote gemstones.

Shri Pankaj Khanna Ji is a Delhi based astrologer and gemologist, one of the most heard names in the gem and Diamond industry, Shri Pankaj Khanna Ji has strived all his life so that people get to know about the importance of gemstones and are able to utilize the healing effects of the gemstones. People visiting his store are never forced to buy any stone, in fact they are guided and educated about the stones, what are the processions that have to be carried out on the stone before using the stones.
From ancient time, the common man was not able to enjoy the fruits of gemstones, they were not affordable by everyone and only the royal kings and queens used to wear them. With the passing of time the common people have started getting access to these stones, all they need is someone to guide them and because of people like Mr Pankaj Khanna in the society, the healing affects of gemstones can be enjoyed by all.
There may be people who don’t believe in astrology and undermine the language of the stars but irrespective of one’s belief, the facts state that people do suffer because of the planetary positions in their horoscope and gemstones do possess the healing characteristics that balance those effects.

More About Pankaj Khanna Ji

Pankaj Khanna has learnt the principles of Astrology from Guru Shishya Parampara. He is one of the few famous astrologers in India, his clients range from common man to celebrities, sportspeople and ministers. Pankaj Khanna Ji has worked all his life to educate his fellow humans and clients about the healing powers of gemstones.
He has a lot of experience on the gem and diamond industry. He left his private job a long time back because of his interest in astrology and palmist, he did a lot of research and practice in Astrology and today he knows how to control all the nine planes of the Indian horoscope.

How to meet Shri Pankaj Khanna?

He can be seen in market under the banner of of Khannagems Pvt Ltd. People visiting his shop never leave without getting something, either they make a purchase and enjoy the benefits of the stones or they return more aware and educated about the knowhow’s of astrology.
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