1. Pukhraj is one of the most sought after Gemstone among the Precious Gemstones in India . As per Prashar Rishi Hora Shastra, Pukhraj is the Gemstone of Jupiter i.e., Bhrispati which is the most sacred and benefic planet. Its favorable cosmic rays can change the course of life and make things favorable. In Hindu mythology Jupiter is the Guru of Devtas i.e., Gods and is a pious and helpful person. He is very influential and powerful person. When he wants to favor an individual he is able to rise high in life is endowed with all kinds of wealth, favors from opposite sex, children, respect and fame in the society. If one wears a Pukhraj with a strong AURA, the above mentioned favorable results of Jupiter starts flowing in.
  2. A Pukhraj with a favorable AURA can bring about timely marriage and life filled with love after marriage.
  3. Pukhraj is a must for a girl after she attains the marriageable age in good Indian families this gives her timely marriage and a satisfying personal life.
  4. Pukhraj is the most favorable Gemstone for those aspiring for a life where status is most important. Thus, it is worn and worshiped by politicians, industrialists, civil and military officers.
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