Purple Pukhraj

  • Purple Pukhraj is a sapphire with great mystic powers. It is a rare gemstones and its effects are also unique.
  • Its violet color makes it a healing gemstone it is said to heal both psychological problems as well as unexplained physical ailments. It balances the excessive emotional trauma. It removes worries, depression, fears and re establishes emotions.
  • The purple sapphire is a stone of awakening. It brings prosperity and sustains the gifts of life. This gemstone makes a person more focused as it radiates a certain kind of positive energy. People who easily get the feeling of inferiority complex should definitely wear this stone.
  • It is highly effective for increasing self-confidence and self-esteem of a person. It is a symbol of power and strength. It opens the third eye chakra and is also considered as a blessing stone for the married couple.
  • In addition to being a healer it is also capable of developing mystical power like intuition telepathy ,Samadhi and so on
  • The elevated seers often recommend this gemstone to their upcoming disciples. Experience show that very high level of intellectuals come to buy this gemstone
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