Rashi Gems

Rashi is the most important part of Astrology. It tells the position of the Moon at the time of the birth of a person and helps forecast the life happenings of a person. In Astrology, it is said that the relative positions of the planets at the time of birth of a person help predict his life beforehand. It is a proven science on the basis of earlier recorded and analyzed data. Rashi Stones are gemstones that are associated with the horoscope of a person, in Astrology it is advised that one should wear gemstones according to their Horoscope and rashi. Gemstones are derived from minerals and other natural resources and then processed upon for astrological and aesthetical uses. The reason the gemstones are known as Rashi Stones, because they prove to be fruitful and have good impact on people who wear these stones according to their Rashi. The Rashi Stones are fruitful for people only if they are wore according to their horoscopes. 

Real Rashi Stones

The gemstones are said to radiate energies and vibrations that have a healing effect on the mind and soul of people, their natural chemical composition helps them have this effect, the way the molecular structure is arranges is what leads to unique and mesmerizing physical characteristics and the astrological benefits. Real Rashi Stones occur naturally, beneath the earth’s crust or are found in oceans, they get formed over much longer periods of time, under specific temperatures and natural conditions. Gemstones can also be created in labs, the elements are kept in the same conditions to obtain the desired end product, here the time period gets reduced.

Fake Rashi Stones

Fake gemstones on the other hand are made of glass or plastic, they are forged to have similar physical characteristics but the fake suppliers are never able to match the level of the Real Rashi Stones.

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