Rashi Ratna by Date of Birth

Rashi ratna OR Astrological Stones are gemstones that are associated with the horoscope of a person. Rashi Stones are also known as Zodiac Stones, zodiac sign is the symbol of astrological categorization of people based on their time of birth. People having same zodiac sign are said to have or face similar kind of situations in life. Since these stones are associated with people on the basis of their horoscopes, they are also known as rashi ratna by date of birth. In astrology, the relative planetary positions at the time of birth of a person are majorly responsible in determining the future life predictions of a person. It is not a theory but this conclusion is derived on the basis of recorded and analyzed data from hundreds of years.

Difference between Zodiac Birthstone and Modern Birthstones

Modern birth stones are different than the zodiac stones. The zodiac stone or rashi ratna for each month were discovered   at the time when the modern calendar had not come into existence. Therefore it is possible that one may find that there are more than one stone associated with a zodiac sign.

Rashi Ratna List

Here is list of some Rashi Ratna by date of birth and the associated zodiac signs- 

1) Aries - Diamond
2) Taurus - Emerald
3) Gemini - Pearl
4) Cancer - Ruby
5) Leo - Peridot
6) Virgo - Sapphire
7) Libra - Opal
8) Scorpio - Topaz
9) Sagittarius - Turquoise
10) Capricorn - Garnet
11) Aquarius - Amethyst
12) Pisces - Aquamarine

The Rashi Ratna shows effect immediately after it is wore, it reduces the negativity in one’s life and helps him focus and work with more diligence. The planet which is causing the fault gets countered. If one does not feel any improvement in his life and body energy level then it may be a possibility that the stone is fake. Also one should mind the body part where the stone has to be wore, it has it’s own importance, if wore following the proper rules, the effects will be observed immediately.

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