Revati: Gemstone – Panna

  1. Revati Nakshatra is associated with Fertility, Rapid Growth, Abundance & Providing Shelter. This is a good Nakshatra for starting a journey.
  2. The Creative Intelligence is abundant in this lunar mansion. The gifts of music, dance, drama and literature blossom in this Nakshatra.
  3. Revati people are ahead of times in their thoughts and skills. Very attractive and have a strange kind of mesmerism – not with unique features but still impossible to forget them – you may feel them in front of your eyes even after 100 years.
  4. Symbol: A Drum, A Fish
  5. Ruling Planet: Mercury
  6. Nature: Deva
  7. Primary Motivation: Moksha
  8. Animal Symbol: Female Elephant
  9. Direction: East
  10. Deity: Pushan
  11. Revati Career Interests:
  12. Actors,
  13. Humanitarian Workers,
  14. Psychics,
  15. Journalists.
  16. Revati Health Concerns:
  17. Ankle & Feet problems,
  18. Childhood Illnesses,
  19. Insomnia,
  20. Nightmares,
  21. Sensitive Nervous System,
  22. Stomach Problems.
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