Solitaire or a Diamond Solitaire is any jewellery that revolves about a single diamond, it can be in the from of Necklace, Ring, Pendant or men’s jewellery.

Solitaires are often bought by a person or gifted to him on special occasions like when a person turns of a specific age that marks a big day of his transcendence in life, on marriage anniversaries or on engagements.

What makes a solitaire different from other gemstone studded jewelleries is that Diamond is a precious gemstone, it is the hardest material known to mankind, and diamond fitted in a container jewellery marks the strength of the relationship or the event.

Solitaire Stud and Solitaire Ring

Solitaire Stud is an earring which has only one diamond. The diamond is cut in specific shape and then used, it can be of heart shape, circle or square. It is prevalent among youth irrespective of their sex, both boys and girls prefer wearing it, along with fashion and class, it also enhances the charm of the person.

Same is in the case of Solitaire Ring, the ring is what every married woman looks up to during her lifetime in times of grief and sadness to cheer up herself. It is said that a diamond solitaire is the most precious gift a woman ever receives from a man.

Why are Solitaires expensive?

Solitaires are created in such a manner that the entire focus goes to the single piece of diamond. The centre stone is of higher carat weight, the diamond has an exquisite cut. Also the quality of the Diamond used is higher in solitaires, the quality of diamond is determined by cut, clarity, color and carat which are all better in solitaires.

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